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TwistedScape Launch Day information
On the staff side we are preparing for weeks of hard work tied to TwistedScape's launch and ensuring that the launch is as smooth as it can be - we would like to underline a brief, but important knowledge on natural, temporary undesirable effects a new server launch may have (oldschoolers are likely familiar with it).
by Monica
Mar 31, 2019
Huge Giveaway!!
Hello guys make sure to check our Huge Giveaway !
The first player to achieve: Normal Mode - All skills 120 lvl + 200M EXP
by Monica
Mar 16, 2019
[UPDATE] Website & Forums
Greetings Twisted community, We are happy to announce our first website & forums update, in the future there will be more updates if you have any requests please let us know.
by Kael
May 13, 2019
Forums, In-game, Discord
Due to the fact that the entire world is in a struggle against the use of stolen personal data, we ask each of you to carefully read this message and take measures for your own safety.
by Kael
May 11, 2019